About Happy Mentor

‘Happy Mentor’ happily came into existence in April 2008. The primary objective of forming ‘Happy Mentor’ is to be of service to corporate organisations to achieve their results happily. The adjective ‘Happy’ is more sacrosanct than ‘Mentor’.

Srinivasa Raghavan, the Founder of Happy Mentor, firmly believes that in a happy state of mind, many processes fall in place. For example, the evolution of our main product ‘Happy Strokes for Corporate Innovations’ is over two decades without any undue pressure. Our happiness coupled with our experience and the inputs from our mentors and Universal Intelligence are the Secrets of our ‘Success’. Let us not reveal too much!

The word ‘Mentor’ was given to Raghavan, while he was working in a leading Financial Services organisation. The why part of it is not known. There are two possibilities: His ‘Mentor-Mentee’ series which was mailed to about 7000 employees every Monday morning possibly inspired them. The second possibility is his colleagues possibly felt that every ‘Bald’ man is a wise man and so they started calling him ‘Mentor’!

On leaving the corporate organisation, when Happy Mentor project was conceived, it took hardly any time to combine ‘Happiness’ & ‘Mentor’ and hence the name ‘Happy Mentor’. Looking back, it has been a lovely journey to meet and interact with more than 2000 corporate executives. Looking forward to most & more happy contributions..

Why Happy Mentor

Let me start with the lighter side; when people ask the question, “Why Happy Mentor?” I always quip, “Why not Happy Mentor?” Coming to the point, three main reasons for, “Why Happy Mentor?”

  • To improve ‘Happiness Factor’ in senior corporate executives: This helps them personally in improving quality of their life as well in their jobs by way of improved productivity. This in turn improves their happiness. This forms a happy vicious cycle.
  • To utilise the happiness for ‘Corporate Innovations’. This indeed is very important. People have eulogised not only the innovation aspect but the happy process that is used in innovation. Many CEOs & CXOs have appreciated our unique holistic approach to innovation (generally not attempted by big firms).
  • To facilitate happy implementation of ideations. This is again one area Happy Mentor can contribute copiously, generally big consulting firms do not get into such details as we do.

Our Team


Srinivasa Raghavan