Anil M Rao
A senior banker
I have known Mr. Raghavan for over 5 years now. He is extremely passionate about motivating and encouraging people to develop their professional skills – and maximise their outputs. He has a keen understanding of how to develop the emotional quotient of an individual and help contribute in a professional environment. 

I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and encourage his ability to ignite passion in professionals!

Management Committee
Happiness   leads  to productivity

It was really an eye opener for ABS.

We the  Management Committee are thankful to our Happy  Mentor Mr.Srinivasa Raghavan for  making us to realise that  it is Happiness which leads to success ( through enhanced productivity)  and not the other way around.

The sessions spread over one year were  very interesting  informative and  involving.

Post those sessions & practical  exercises  the management is able to handle the Targets with lot more easiness leading to reduced level of stress& strain

Krishna Raj
CEO Maverick Chennai

Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan is a knowledgeable, respected and passionate professional at work and life. We at maverick had the opportunity to interact with him and his team at various stages of our evolution. We are thankful for his guidance.

To me as a businessman intent of the person matters a lot than the output, I trust Mr. Raghavan and his good intentions to add value to various business which crosses his path. I wish Happy Mentors the very best in all the endeavours.

VS Kumar
Ex CFO 24/7 Bangalore

As usual when it comes to doing something new, something creative and yet something useful (these three traits are rarely seen in one place), Raghavan stands alone. In anything and everything I have seen he does through the 3 decades of our association, I’ve never seen him at a loss for springing a delightful surprise on me. 

Here is looking forward to more and more of productive creations from Happy Mentor that make this world a better place to live in!

V Ranganathan
Partner, Ernst & Young
It is my pleasure to place on record the appreciation of the good work Srinivasa Raghavan has been rendering to senior corporate executives through the mentorship programs.

The unique aspect I notice about the construct of your initiatives is keep happiness at the center and create and release positive energy as a result. As a tool to enhance people engagement and improve staff contribution, this is indeed a very differentiated approach. The enhancement of personal happiness improves focus and concentration, clarity of thought and addresses many aspects of personality improvement like control of anger and negative emotions. 

Your varied experience of working in different sectors like manufacturing, financial services and  consultancy and the different roles you have donned over 3 decades has greatly contributed to your understanding of the psyche of people and organisations that you consult with and help tailor the right program for suiting their needs.

Your personal value systems and ethical mind set are major assets in looking at long term results than quick fixes. The friendly nature and spontaneity in extending a helping hand to people who need your support is a great personal quality that shows up equally felicitously in your professional engagements.  I take this opportunity to place on record my testimonial to your excellent contribution to your clients and also wish your circle of influence expands greatly.

A.G. Balaji
Formerly CFO & Co. Secy. of Silkroad Sugar Private Limited, Murugappa Group
I have experienced applied creativity being explained by Raghavan in the most lucid manner and filled with practical examples.  Prior to attending his program, creativity was alien to me, being primarily a left brain person strong in analytics and logic.

He systematically removed all the myths on creativity and innovation.  At the end of his program I had clarity on how to arrive at innovative solutions to real business challenges.  Absolutely fantastic!

S.V. Parthasarathy
Sr. Executive Vice President, Indusind Bank
Mr.Srinivasa Raghavan is known to me since childhood, over half a century! In his younger days, he excelled in Mathematics and has always helped other lesser mortals like me to understand and appreciate nuances.

He had excelled in his professional career and switched over to what he liked the most, imparting knowledge as a trainer. Man of clean habits & personal integrity, he has imparted values in life besides the training assignment he has undertaken for the professionals. I had an occasion to go through his presentation on Happy Mentoring, as a concept, it appealed to me. Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan’s mentoring program should be useful for senior management and the organization. I wish him to be as happy as ever as a mentor.

MD EID-Parry
I know Srinivasa Raghavan over the last four decades.   Raghavan worked with leading high performing Organizations in FMCG and Engineering sectors during the initial part of his professional career. 

Thanks to his experience in these Organizations combined with his Analytical and Value based approach, Deep Passion for applying Spiritual Concepts,  his Intricate Knowledge and understanding of Finance and a lot of Common Sense, Happy Mentor can add significant value in Mentoring & Innovation assignments.   I wish Happy Mentor “All the very best”.